Peter Wall Joins SBP: Institutional Investors to Embrace Bitcoin’s Potential

• Peter Wall – former CEO of Argo Blockchain – has stepped aboard the train of Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) and will serve as the company’s new senior advisor.
• The goal is to ensure SBP has the appeal necessary to enter the hearts of institutional investors.
• Wall was also very happy about being able to work with such a prominent company, explaining in a statement: Bitcoin has a unique opportunity to become one of the world’s most sustainable asset classes within the climate investing space.

Peter Wall Joins Blockchain Firm SBP

Former Argo Blockchain CEO Peter Wall has joined blockchain firm SBP as its new senior advisor. His expertise in the bitcoin mining sector, combined with his talent for storytelling, will be invaluable in helping SBP reach institutional investors.

Wall’s Professional Background

Prior to joining SBP, Wall spent 10 years working as a journalist before becoming an entrepreneur and eventually joining Argo Blockchain as vice president of operations. He then moved up the corporate ladder to serve as CEO for three years, leading the company through a period of heavy growth including listing on Nasdaq and raising $200 million.

The Goal Of Joining SBP

Wall’s primary goal upon joining SBP is to help improve how it articulates its mission and supports miners so that it can gain adoption from institutional investors. By educating global communities on environmental and social benefits of embracing bitcoin as a climate investment asset, he hopes to make crypto more legitimate within mainstream finance circles.

Reactions To The News

SBP CEO Brad van Voorhees expressed enthusiasm about Wall coming onboard, stating: “We are honored and excited to have Peter Wall join our team as a senior advisor… We deeply respect Peter’s understanding of the pain points and challenges within the industry.“ Meanwhile, Wall himself said he was “thrilled“ at this opportunity „to help [bitcoin] reach its potential.“


It is clear that bringing on board experienced figures such as Peter Wall could be instrumental in ensuring crypto gains acceptance among institutions – something that many feel is key for its success moving forward.